Welcome Parents, Schools, and Youth Organizations!

You Know the Devastating Effect Relational Aggression (RA), or Emotional Bullying, Can Have in Your School or Youth Organization. Are You Ready to Equip Your Staff, Volunteers, and Parents with Tools to Reduce Relational Aggression in Your Community?

Relational Aggression Causes Emotional Suffering

This unproductive behavior frequently:

  • Wastes opportunities for growth and learning
  • Steals time
  • Causes dropout behavior
  • Decreases attendance
  • Leads to eating disorders, self-mutilation, depression or suicide
  • Leaves lasting emotional scars

The Solution: Train Everyone in Your School or Youth Organization

Training your staff, volunteers and parents to recognize relational aggression and to know how to effectively deal with it will have a positive influence on your youth.

Membership in GAPRA Equips Your School or Organization with Training, Tools and Support – Without Having to Leave Town!

When you join GAPRA, you equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to prevent relational aggression through monthly training opportunities, CDs, transcripts and checklists/forms/templates.

You, your group leaders, parents, counselors, teachers, administrators and others will learn a common language and positive framework to proactively address relational aggression.

Empower Your Community to Think and Work Together to Support Your Youth From Every Angle. Join GAPRA Now!

GAPRA membership is affordable. You can join as an individual or a group.

What schools are saying about GAPRA:

We LOVE GAPRA‘s When Girls Hurt Girls® program at our school! This program has been the missing piece we’ve never had (and always needed)!

The behaviors in this program are more succinctly defined than I’ve ever seen, and the materials are so easy to use.

This program is enabling me to make a real difference in how my students interact with each other.

Andrea Bowen, School Counselor
Rumford Elementary School
Rumford, Maine

GAPRA‘s presentation at the MAESP conference is the best bullying program I’ve attended. It focuses on helping the target, not stopping the bully.

Darci McFail, Principal
Otterville Elementary School
Otterville, Missouri